How it works

  • todayOn the day

    First off, fence your team.

    Secondly, find a team you want to fence and a piste and fence that team.

    Keep going like that until either you've fenced all the teams or you run out of time.

  • live_helpHow the scoring works

    You're only fencing to one hit so matches tend to go quickly.

    If you get a double hit, pretend it never happened and keep going until someone gets a single light.

    If you run out of time, mark it on the score sheet as "T".

    The score sheets work the same way as normal poule sheets!

  • perm_identityIndividual rankings

    Your individual scores are tallied up. The more outright victories you have, the higher up the rankings you go. If you and another fencer have the same number of victories, then the fencer with the least time outs is ranked higher.

  • groupTeam rankings

    Team scores is all three member's scores added up. The higher the score, the higher the ranking of the team.


Entrants in the Duel must be:

  • At least 13 years old.
  • Wearing appropriate fencing gear as per BFA guidelines.