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Name Surname Team Name
Paul Donaldson Old men of europe
Richard Wilbraham Old men of europe
Andrew Munley Squiggly gums
Duncan Readle Test Eagles
Calum Readle Test Eagles
Ben Stubbs Don't Touch My Niffler
Robin Paterson Highlanders
Ruaridh McNair Stabsville
Ben Kraft Stag Knights 1
Michael Lumsden Don't Touch My Niffler
Will McBride The Sick Burn Squad
Matt Pocock The Sick Burn Squad
Alex Wren The Sick Burn Squad
Skylah Guest Stabsville
Mimi Figge Prongs
Kieran Gilmore Prongs
Jonathan Woollard Prongs
Tom Hoffmann Stag Knights A
Christopher Leung Three Blind Mice
Alasdair Hooper Don't Touch My Niffler
Zoe Smith Stabsville
Alasdair Urquhart Jacobites
Shona Urquhart Jacobites
Alexander Berg Aberdream
Tomas Iken Aberdream
Ruairidh Smith Aberdream
Lucinda Naughton Three Blind Mice
flynn stolte Three Blind Mice
Hannah Mackenzie Stag Knights A
Peter Hoffmann Jacobites
Struan Wallace Stag Knights 1
Callum Sutherland Highlanders
Stuart Smith Parry Codger and the Walking Sti
Paul Vaughan Parry Codger and the Walking Sti
Craig Dorward Parry Codger and the Walking Sti
Rolf-Peter Kassner Fencing from another continent -
Todd Kozlowski Fencing from another continent -
Olaf Ziebell Old men of europe
Maike Muller Fantastic epeeists and where not
Elisa Sedat Fantastic epeeists and where not
Mhairi Gifford Fantastic epeeists and where not
Lorna Smith Squiggly gums
fergus whitson Stag Knights A
Lachlan Hickey Stag Knights 1
Jonathan Jacobs Squiggly gums
Kris Moodley Man Down
Adam Gazalet Man Down
Jamie Gazalet Man Down
Eilidh Hall Just Add Skittles
Olivia Connolly Just Add Skittles
Euan Isles Just Add Skittles
Irena Waszyrowska Highlanders
Callum Reid Test Eagles
Roman Knipping-Sorokin Fencing from another continent -
Christoph Naborowski Epeeliarmous
Konstantin Franken Epeeliarmous
Robert Blackburne Epeeic
Morgane Chavaneau Epeeic
Daniel McAteer Epeeic
Jon Goulding Duel at Dawn
Natasha Lee Space Jam
Gavin Lee Space Jam
Michael Hill Space Jam
Eilidh Prise Epeeliarmous

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